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Modern, flexible CMS - from full-stack to headless & SSG

Statamic at a glance:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Future-proof technology
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Scalable for all project sizes
  • Flexible: Full-stack to headless
  • Easy multisite management
  • Effortless multilingual websites
  • Modular expandability
  • Der Spiegel, OpenTable, Asana, FreshBooks are built on Statamic

As a Statamic agency, we have in-depth knowledge with Statamic and Laravel to provide you an efficient and customized content management system. We rely on Statamic to optimize your business processes and offer you maximum flexibility. Our goal-oriented UX/UI design and custom programming ensure that your website not only performs powerfully and user-friendly, but also successfully represents your brand. With our comprehensive support in technical support and in the continuous development of your digital presence, you can focus on your core business. Benefit from our expertise and many years of experience to strengthen your online presence and increase your business success.

Towards success with Statamic: Our 7-step strategy

As your professional Statamic agency, we accompany you on the journey to your new, powerful website. With a deep understanding of technology, design, and marketing, we develop tailor-made solutions that take your online presence to the next level. Our 7-step process ensures comprehensive support: From the initial needs analysis and strategy development, through the conception and programming, to content creation and search engine optimization. Before the launch we test intensively and secure the quality of your website. Subsequently, we take over the marketing and offer you continuous support. This way, we create sustainable online success for your business.

  1. Needs analysis and strategy development

    In the first step, as an experienced Statamic agency, we analyze your requirements or current online presence and identify optimization potential. We take into account your company goals and develop a tailor-made digital strategy that leads to striking online success.

  2. Concept and Design

    In the conception phase, we lay the foundation for your new website. We focus on a user-friendly UX/UI design and intuitive navigation. The use of Statamic allows us a flexible and individual design tailored to your needs.

  3. Programming and Development

    In this phase, we technically implement the previously developed concept. Thanks to our expertise in Laravel, the framework on which Statamic is based, we can guarantee a smooth and efficient development. Furthermore, Statamic enables the integration of various interfaces for optimal functionality of your website.

  4. Content Creation

    If needed, we support you in creating sales-strong and search engine optimized content that not only appeals to your target group but also increases the visibility of your website in the search engines. We focus on a WDF*IDF optimized text design and consider the latest findings from sales psychology.

  5. Testing and Quality Assurance

    Before the launch, we thoroughly test your website to ensure that all functions work flawlessly and the design is optimally displayed on all end devices. Our quality assurance guarantees a smooth start of your new website.

  6. Launch and Marketing

    After successful tests, your new website goes live. Our marketing experts take over the marketing of your site to generate maximum visibility and attention.

  7. Support and Follow-up

    Even after the launch of your website, we are there for you. We offer you ongoing technical support and take care of the continuous development and optimization of your website. This way, we ensure the sustainable online success of your company.

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What makes Statamic so special and how does it differ from other CMS options on the market? In this FAQ section, we dive deep into the world of Statamic and answer some of the most common questions that business decision-makers ask when considering whether Statamic is the right choice for their web project. From the basics to technical details - here you will find everything you need to know.

Exactly what is Statamic and how can it help my business?

Statamic is more than just another content management system (CMS). It is a tool designed to promote your business's digital success and help you manage dynamic web content efficiently. But what makes Statamic so special and how can brands and organizations benefit from it? And how can Statamic contribute to strengthening your online presence, optimizing your workflow, and achieving your business goals.

Business benefits of Statamic overview:

  • Speed and Performance: Without the need to constantly query a database, websites created with Statamic can often load faster, leading to improved user experience.
  • Security: The fact that Statamic does not use a database makes it less susceptible to typical database-based attacks, increasing security.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Thanks to its structure and the Laravel framework in the background, developers can create customized solutions precisely tailored to a company's needs.
  • Easy Content Maintenance: The intuitive control panel makes it easy for editors and marketing teams to create, edit, and publish content - all without technical know-how.
  • Scalability: Whether you operate a small business website or a complex platform for a large brand - Statamic adapts to your needs.
  • Cost Efficiency: Without expensive licenses or complicated hosting requirements, the overall costs can often be reduced.

Statamic offers a modern, powerful, and flexible solution for businesses wishing to present themselves online. Its advantages in speed, safety, and adaptability make it an ideal choice for demanding SMEs and brands. And with the right partner at your side, you can be confident that you are getting the most out of this innovative CMS.

What are the advantages of Statamic compared to other content management systems?

Compared to other CMS, Statamic offers a number of advantages. It is extremely adaptable, user-friendly, and offers strong performance. It also has a shallow learning curve, which means you can be productive in a short amount of time. In addition, Statamic is completely file-based, which means it does not require a database. This simplifies the migration, backup, and restoration of your website.

How can Statamic be used in conjunction with Laravel?

Wondering why the combination of Statamic and Laravel could be of interest to your company? Well, when it comes to creating powerful, customizable and future-proof web applications, this duo combination offers unbeatable benefits. Here we explain why.

Statamic and Laravel: A partnership for success

  • Solid foundation: Laravel is one of the leading PHP frameworks on the market. It is known for its security, performance, and intuitive syntax. Statamic, a content management system (CMS) based on Laravel, inherits all these properties and makes it a first-class choice for web projects.
  • Flexibility: You can start with a Statamic website that offers the core functions of a CMS. As your company grows and you need advanced features - be it an online store, a booking platform, or other custom solutions - Laravel allows you to seamlessly integrate these features. This way, you can realize everything from a simple website to a comprehensive web application.
  • Customization: Since Laravel is a framework, it allows developers to create custom extensions and interfaces. This means that your website or application can be designed exactly as you imagine, without being restricted by pre-made plugins or themes.
  • Unified technology stack: Instead of juggling multiple systems, you benefit from a unified technology platform. This means that updates, further developments, and technical support can be carried out more efficiently and consistently.

In the constantly changing digital world, it is important to invest in technologies that not only meet current, but also future needs. With Statamic and Laravel, you choose technologies that offer both robustness and the necessary flexibility. This way, you ensure that your investment is protected in the long term.

Plus, using a PHP framework like Laravel has the advantage that custom extensions and interfaces can be effortlessly integrated. This means that you are always ready to respond to market changes and to consistently offer your customers innovative solutions.

Conclusion: The combination of Statamic and Laravel allows your company to stand out with a stable, customizable, and future-proof web presence. Whether you are just starting out or need a complex web application, this duo has got you covered.

Is Statamic suitable for every kind of website or are there any limitations?

In the digital landscape, Statamic stands out as a nimble and customizable CMS. But is it the golden solution for every web area?

  • Company websites: Statamic provides exactly what companies need: flexibility and individuality. Thanks to its customizable templating and a user-friendly control panel, companies can establish a custom presence on the web. This not only enables the creation of a clear brand identity but also the integration of complex business functionalities.
  • Product marketing: When launching a new product, the first impression is crucial. Statamic allows brands to create creative and interactive landing pages that captivate potential customers. With a combination of technical flexibility and design freedom, you can brilliantly showcase the product's USPs.
  • Information / news portals: Here Statamic shows a slight weakness. For large portals with constant news flow, the lack of database support could become a hindrance. It's not impossible, but other systems may be better suited here.
  • Non-Profit / NGOs: For organizations wanting to convey a clear message, without getting lost in technical details, Statamic is ideal. The easy content creation and management also enables less tech-savvy employees to create effective digital campaigns.
  • Public sector: Public institutions often need very specific adaptations and security protocols. While Statamic can provide a solid basis, its suitability strongly depends on individual requirements.

To summarize: Statamic is a remarkably versatile tool, but as with every tool, it is essential to use it in the right context. With the right expertise in design, technology, and marketing, its potential can be maximized to create a compelling web presence.

What customization and extension possibilities does Statamic offer?

Statamic offers a wide range of customization and extension possibilities. With its modular structure, you can add or remove functions according to your needs. You can also create your own themes or use pre-made themes. In addition, you can use Laravel packages to expand your website.

How secure is Statamic compared to other CMS?

Statamic is a very secure CMS. It uses the latest security standards and practices to protect your website from attacks. Additionally, Statamic constantly offers updates and patches to ensure your website is always up to date.

What happens if I need technical support for my Statamic website?

If you need technical support for your Statamic website, our experienced team is available. We offer fast and reliable support to ensure your website is always running smoothly. We can help you with troubleshooting, updates, backups, maintenance and other concerns.

Why our clients enjoy working with us and hire us again

„With over half a million visitors monthly, our website is one of our most important acquisition channels. Mindtwo has helped us convey our messages to our target audience effectively and has significantly improved onsite performance.“

Leonard Tekstra
Head of Online Marketing @ Kesselheld GmbH

„After the successful relaunch, our new website is as fast, versatile, and modern as our X-raid rally vehicles.“

X-raid GmbH
Marketing / Press @ X-raid GmbH

„We use our new website as an effective marketing tool, allowing us to finally showcase our products in a fitting manner.“

Giovanni Cataldi
Head of Marketing @ OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH

„When translating a technical book on the topic of Laravel, mindtwo assisted us with a professional review, providing valuable insights.“

Ariane Hesse
Editor @ O'REILLY Computerbuchverlag

„With your help, we've taken our digital recruiting strategy to a new level. Thanks to your website and lead tracking, as well as the interface integration with our HR tool, we can now target our campaigns more effectively to our desired audience and optimize our applicant management processes. Thank you for the collaborative and trustworthy partnership.“

Stefanja Kanka
Head of Human Resources @ Primus Service GmbH

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