The Multisite feature is a powerful way to manage multiple websites with just a single installation of WordPress. With Multisite, you can create and manage various websites without having to perform a separate installation for each site.

What is Multisite?

Multisite allows you to create and manage multiple websites with different domain names or subdomains. All the websites within the Multisite installation share the same WordPress installation, the same code, and the same database.

How Does Multisite Work?

When setting up a Multisite installation, a main website is established, which serves as the administrative area for all other sites. From here, you can add new websites, manage users, and activate themes and plugins. Each site has its own admin interface, which only the site administrator can access.

Benefits of Multisite

Using Multisite offers several advantages:

  1. Efficiency: With just one installation, you can manage multiple websites, saving time and resources.

  2. Consistency: All sites within the Multisite installation share the same themes and plugins, ensuring a consistent brand presence.

  3. Centralized Management: Central management of all sites allows for easy control of user rights and access levels.

  4. Cost Savings: Since only one installation is required, the costs of separate hosting accounts are eliminated.

Use Cases for Multisite

Multisite is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Corporate Websites: For businesses with multiple locations or branches, these can be easily managed with Multisite.

  • Content Networks: With Multisite, you can create a network of sites that are thematically connected and share common content.

  • E-Learning Platforms: Multisite allows you to offer different courses or trainings on separate sites.

  • Blogs or Magazines: If you operate multiple blogs or magazines, these can be managed using Multisite.


WordPress's Multisite feature provides an efficient and centralized way to manage multiple websites. With just one installation, you can create and manage various sites with different domain names or subdomains. This saves time, resources, and money.

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